Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spring Time Park Pics

With the weather this spring being so incredibly gorgeous, we practically have been living outside. If we are not napping or in a class, we are outside at a park, playdate or picnic. Last week, we met some friends at the Nature Museum. The butterfly exhibit was the real destination and it didn't disappoint. There were butterflies everywhere and Matilda was pointing like crazy trying to keep track of them all. Now on our walks when she spots them she gets excited and says "Buh!".
On Saturday morning, Nate dropped us off at the Green City Market around 7am. We found some wonderful treats then headed over to the playground where Matilda made a new friend. She climbed on the ape's lap...just begging for a photoshoot.
She also had fun with these two. It's pretty cute how she pets and tries to snuggle with them like she does with Mora. I had to step in though, when she had her open mouth on the cubs back, making her kissing noises!?!

And for those who aren't tired of watching Matilda swing, here's yet another clip!

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