Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father's Day in Michigan

Nate's second Father's Day. Just look at that grin!?!

Matilda in the backyard of the cabin practicing her walking skills

Come with me...

Matilda and I at the Fernwood Botanic Gardens...they were beautiful!

Exploring the Gardens as Nate was in an outdoor yoga class close by...

Because of the thunderstorms and 70 mph winds that we experienced Friday night, the entire Harbor County had no electricity. Which meant no hot water. So after a day of 80+ degree weather, yoga classes for both of us, and several layers of bug spray, we headed down to Lake Michigan to cool/clean off.
Walking to the lake

Matilda was not too interested in the water.

She preferred sunbathing

And had fun playing in the sand with her new favorite thing...sticks!

She kept a close eye on the water....checking on her daddy by waving and shouting "HI!".
We had such a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to going back soon!

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  1. Beautiful photos and a perfect Father's Day weekend for all of you. Matilda gets cuter every day!