Friday, October 30, 2009

Matilda's Trip Out West

Our trip to Seattle was bittersweet. While we said our goodbye to Grandma Mary, it was so nice to finally introduce Matilda to several family members. When we arrived to Seattle, we headed to my brother Eric's house where he was eagerly waiting to hold her. I have not seen Eric so excited to see anyone in my life.

After a trip to the park, my nephews Jayden and Ryan made it home from school equally excited to meet their littlest cousin.

After spending the day with her cousins, Matilda and I headed to see my dearest friend, Susannah. Here we had Matilda's first slumber party. It was so fun to see my best friend with my little girl and are counting down the days till we see her again!

On Saturday morning, we attended Grandma Mary's service. After the funeral, we were able to catch up with and meet family. Here Matilda meets her Great Grandpa Raymond and Grandpa Ray.

She also met her Great Grandma Jeanne...
Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, but Matilda also met extended family, cousins, and their children including Maple, who was born one week after Matilda. It was great to see these two girls together...they were really too cute!
Matilda also met her only girl cousin, Alexis...

And here she is with my little brother, Michael...
She also met her other Great Grandpa. Grandpa Dan, my mom's dad...
We spent a total of 6 days in the northwest and had a great time.

Trip To Seattle

On October 13th we learned that my sweet Great Grandma Mary had passed away. She was 99 years old when she went onto heaven. Matilda and I flew out to Seattle last Friday in order to attend her funeral on Saturday. It was so great to see our family while celebrating Grandma Mary's life. We all feel so blessed to have had such a sweet, loving, kind and generous woman in our lives. I am very thankful for all the fond memories I have with her and cannot wait to share with Matilda what an amazing Great Great Grandmother she had.