Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Matilda's 1st Easter

The day before Easter, we decided to color eggs using only products that we had in our cupboards and fridge. We boiled five eggs, then dyed them using balsamic vinegar, cranberries, black tea, and turmeric. Here are the results...

Not bad?!? Next year we will try things a little differently and perhaps get better results.

On Sunday, Matilda put on her beautiful Easter dress and headed over to Nana and Papa's for a day full of fun, family and food!

The weather was perfect for the easter egg hunt. Matilda found two eggs and seemed very content as she sat there shaking them!
She loved watching her 3 cousins running around collecting the eggs and really got a kick out of them chasing each other. She can't wait to join in next time.

After the egg hunt, we went inside for a fabulous feast and opened our gifts from the Easter bunny. Matilda sat on Papa's lap as he helped her open her treats!

Much fun was had as we helped Matilda celebrate another 1st holiday!

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