Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun With the Eames Family

From December 14th-24th we were in Washington spending time with my family. During this time, Matilda changed significantly. She is now sitting up on her own and can feed herself. This can get quite messy, but it's been fun watching her as she explores new flavors and tries new things. Her favorite foods right now are bananas, peaches and Cheerios...she is definitely my daughter. Here are a few pictures of Matilda in the Pacific Northwest...

Here she is with Uncle Eric
Cousins Ryan and Jayden reading her a story...
Hanging out with Grandpa Ray
At the Cottage Cafe for breakfast with Grandma Beverly
Grandma trekking through the snow
Matilda visits with Great-Grandpa Dan
Matilda, Grandpa Ray and Buddy
Taking a walk with the family in Leavenworth
On our way up to Vancouver, we stopped in Camano Island to see Great-Grandpa Raymond
Matilda and Great-Grandma MaryLou

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