Monday, January 17, 2011

Nine Lives

A couple of days ago, we rushed Mora to the animal hospital to discover she had eaten rat poison. Her blood wasn't clotting, was internally bleeding and was bruising so badly that she couldn't eat. The vet told us that she needed an emergency plasma transfusion ASAP. Nate rushed her to the 911 Vet and picked her up around 1am. It's been a few days since her surgery are we're so happy to say that she's back to her normal dog self! Mora is such a survivor. It seems that every year she gets herself into another predicament and manages to fight back. Matilda has been great with her, being very cautious of her "owies" and keeps reminding us that Mora was at the doctor. Here is a little video taken about a week before Mora showed any signs...Matilda has been much gentler since.

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