Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wisconsin Dells

Last month we drove up to the Wisconsin Dells for a fun filled weekend! This place has to be the water park capital of the world...I've never seen anything like it! Nate had a blast as he went up and down the water slides, as Matilda and I floated the 1 ft deep lazy river. I wish I had pictures of Matilda in her inter tube, walking the river. She thought it was so hilarious when she would come up to another toddler floating along and their tubes would bump. This place will be tons of fun as she gets older.

We also went on a little hike...

Matilda cheering Nate on...

And we met up with Susannah and Kevin! Here, Matilda is demonstrating her social anxiety.

Overall, we had a great time riding the waves and it was so great to spend some time with Susannah and her soon to be in-laws!!! Perhaps we'll make it a tradition!

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