Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Matilda!

All week long, Nate and I have been reliving where we were one year ago. We tell Matilda how we, ok I, seriously thought that after 4 days past my due date, she was never coming. I tell her what we were thinking about and what we were hoping for and all of the things that consumed me while in labor. I tried to describe the way she looked when I first saw her, the tiny movements, her sounds, her glow.
And then I went on. And on. And even though she didn't understand me, she still listened.

We have enjoyed this last year so much. From our traveling adventures to the PNW and Florida, to our classes together where she has mastered her downward dog in yoga and kicks in swim class. Also completely content with our daily walk down the boulevard to the park where she could swing for days. Matilda is full of life and loves flashing her smile and signature wave to everyone we meet. Matilda makes our lives brighter and we cherish everyday we share with her.

This past Saturday, we celebrated her 1st Birthday with a small party in our backyard. She had so much fun and we'll always have wonderful memories of this day. Here are some pictures from her 1st Birthday Party!

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  1. It's amazing how fast the time goes by, isn't it? Can't believe it has been a year! Happy Birthday Matilda! Even though we've never met,I'm sure we could be friends. Looks like you had a really neat party!