Monday, June 8, 2009

Settling In

With a little over two weeks under her belt, Matilda is settling in quite well. So far sleeping is going so well, that we have to wake her every three to four hours for feedings and a quick diaper change. She has also taken to her nursery although she is still most comfortable in our room. She seems to like the pinks, purples and greens in her room and hasn’t complained that there is still only one strip of wallpaper up.

Matilda had her 1st doctors visit which went really well! She is very healthy and seems to be growing before our eyes. As the temperatures rise, we find ourselves wanting to walk everywhere and Matilda seems to really enjoy the fresh air, smells, sights and sounds. She loves the fact that Mora comes too...Matilda and Mora are becoming great buddies. Last night we went to dinner with her Nana and Papa Freeborn and she was on her best behavior...didn't even make a peep. It has really been a great couple of weeks and we look forward to next week when her Grandma Beverly will be here!

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